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Kids Football Rester (PVC)


Kids will love their own Football Bean Rester, which is smaller than the regualar football rester.

The outer layer is made of Cotton Drill, and it has an inner nylon layer as well.  For those of you who want a tougher, long lasting Football Rester for your kids, we have them
in the traditional PVC material.  The choice is yours!

We can customize your beanbag with your name and club emblem as well!  Drop us a note!

All Football Resters are double layered, meaning easy maintenance – the outer cover is machine washable, while the inner layer is made out of Nylon material, which is water resistant and dust free.  We offer our beanbags in Cotton Drill, which to your skin provides a very cooling sensation, and won’t make you feel warm.


Double Layered for easy maintenance:      
  • Machine Washable Outer Cover & 
  • Water Resistant Inner Cover
  • Cool addition to any Football Den!
  • Width : 75cm
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