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Adult Football Rester


Experience ultimate comfort with our Football Rester, available in a primary color of your choice, complemented by sleek black as the secondary option. Take customization to the next level by selecting two colors that resonate with your style. Additionally, personalize your rester with PVC material and embed your favorite football club logo for a truly unique touch. Contact us to bring your customizations to life!


Cotton Drill Material Features
  • Drill is a durable fabric with a strong diagonal structure in the weave.
  • Cotton drill has passed rigorous tests to ensure it meets high standards of quality including stability, UV protection, abrasion resistance, colour fastness and tear resistance.
  • Due to its unique texture, the fabric can heavily resemble denim, although the feel of the material is smoother.
  • In conclusion, cotton drill is perfect for durability and sturdiness, while retaining some of the comforts associated with cotton.
Our Bean Bags are double layered for easy maintenance:   
  • Machine Washable Outer Cover
  • & Water Resistant Inner Cover
  • & Inverted pocket for easy top-up beads

Approx 85cm Diameter

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